Video of Steve Markwell inside Olympic Animal Sancturary - April 2013

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This video was taken by the couple I wrote about earlier today. They made an unannouced visit to the Olympic Animal "Sanctuary" to see a dog of a friend sent there on their recommendation.

Here is what they told me about the video:

"In looking at this the Dogs don"t look painfully thin but to the trained eye there are several things that were pointed out to us. For instance the dogs were excessively eating grass ( hungry) & they were sniffing like they hadn't been on that grass before, which by the way if you were exercising over 100 dogs on it would not be standing up tall & looking like it hadn't been walked on - no dog poop in sight. The dogs were also close to the ground, meaning they were wary of the territory & not used to being out in the open, pointed out by a professional who wasn't told the back story, just asked for his observations on the dogs.

Steve made numerous excuses for the little dog Fergus having such matted fur & was worried about our reaction.

Let me know if you have any questions or if video needs editing & it's too long. Think it does show that Steve was quite comfortable with us being there, unlike the story he told about us forcing our way in, yelling & shouting & taking pictures w/out permission."

They were allowed inside the warehouse but weren't allowed to take pictures - Hmmmmm, I wonder why.

You decide for yourself what you think of the video - I'll just say that the little dog at the end looks as bad or worse than dogs I've seen taken from a puppy mill or a hoarder.

You should also remember that before the couple visited OAS they had a favorable impression of it.

OAS April 2013 from Caring for Dogs on Vimeo.

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