Seattle Seahawks star Michael Bennett abandoned his puppy at Tampa boarding facility

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The website reported that when professional football player Michael Bennett was traded from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers toSeattle Seahawk defensive lineman Michael Bennett abandoned his 4-month-old boxer puppy Koa at a Tampa boarding facility when he moved to Seattle. Image from the Seattle Seahawks last March he abandoned Koa, his 4-month-old boxer puppy, at a Tampa dog boarding facility.

On top of that, he still hasn't paid the $5000 that the Lucky Dog Boarding Facility charged him for taking care of Koa for 4 months.

I guess he's a little tight on money - the one year contract he signed with the Seahawks only pays him $5 million for one year's worth of work.

Please don't get me wrong - I've been a football fan for decades, and I do root for the Seahawks.

But I'm a dog lover too, and the fact that Bennett treated the responsibility of having a dog so cavalierly really pisses me off.

And on top of that, he stiffed the boarding facility that took care of his dog after he left if there.

Lucky Dog made "countless efforts" to contact Bennett and his wife about Koa, but neither of them returned the calls.

Bennett did acknowledge he owed the money after TMZ contacted him about Koa, saying, "I thought [the $5k bill] was already taken care of. I will call them after work.”

Yeah, right.

I guess your voice mail wasn't working when Lucky Dog called you. Multiple times.

Shockingly (or not so much), Lucky Dog told TMZ that Bennett STILL hasn't paid his bill.

The only good news from this story is that Lucky Dog turned Koa over to a Boxer Rescue organization group in Florida which found a home for him with people that actually care about him.

If Bennett had an ounce of responsibility or compassion, that's what he would have done.

While I'll continue to cheer for the Seahawks, I won't be buying any Michael Bennett jersey's anytime soon.

The only good thing I can say about him at this point is, at least he's not Michael Vick.

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