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Gig Harbor woman says coyote killed her dog

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A little over a week ago I posted this alert about a lost pug in Gig Harbor. The dog, whose name was Rampage, Rampage the Pug was killed by a coyote in West Seattle.was adopted by a woman from Seattle Pug Rescue a couple of months ago.

Sadly, Rampage's mom posted a message yesterday on the Seattle Pug Rescue Facebook page that she hired a dog search and rescue team that determined a coyote has taken Rampage from the family's deck.

Please note in her post that the family was only about 20 feet away Rampage when he disappeared.

Coyotes modus operendi is to snatch their prey quickly and without warning. And they aren't just in rural areas.

Last year coyotes attacked 4 dogs in West Seattle. And this month coyotes killed 2 cats in West Seattle.

Here's the message from Rampage's mom. Rest in peace, Rampage.

Hi all, I am so sorry to bear bad news, but I hired a dog search and rescue team specializing in lost pets, and it appears that Rampage was taken by a coyote off the deck. We did not find his remains, but we did find other evidence that coyotes are around and they likely took him. The other thing is that the profile fits a coyote attack (vanishing into thin air at dusk, with humans close by).

I am devastated and heartbroken, and sick with grief. Rampage was only mine for a couple months but he touched me profoundly, and was a very special little guy, and I will miss him forever. I do want to thank you all for your support and tireless searching and encouragement. The Seattle Pug Rescue community is tremendous, and your advice, compassion, and help searching has meant so much to me. It has sustained my hope, and it will help me just as much in coping with my grief. Thank you SO much--I can't adequately convey how moved I am by your caring and support.

I'd also like to add: please be careful with your pugs at dusk and dawn. I had no idea this was even a risk, and I will never forgive myself for leaving Rampage alone. We were no more than 20 feet away for less than 5 minutes, and he was less than 3 feet from the door...he was gone in an instant with no sound, no warning, nothing. I hope and pray that nobody has to go through this so please be especially cautious at known hunting times--dawn and dusk--even in the city. I will feel better knowing that at least someone else's dear pug friend is saved because of Rampage's story! Thank you all again.

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